Sunday, June 27, 2010

Do You Need Insurance for Your Persian?

Insuring pets is still a relatively new thing in our society, but more and more pet owners are finding that paying the premiums for pet insurance is well worth it. Because Persian cats cost so much initially, should you consider purchasing pet insurance for your Persian?

The answer to this is a resounding yes. As much as Persians cost – initially and throughout their lives – and as much as one could win in prize money at the cat shows for these beautiful animals, one would even wish that you could purchase life insurance on these animals, but you can’t. What you can purchase is pet insurance, which covers medical costs for the animal.

Costs for veterinarian services are on the rise. These days, there are many diagnostic tests that can be performed, and those tests are costly. However, in the instance of purebred animals, such as the Persian cat, diagnostic tests, as well as genetic testing is essential…and largely unaffordable by the vast majority.

Then there are emergency situations that must be paid for. Cats are known for having urinary and bladder problems. These problems often have to be corrected with surgery, which can cost thousands of dollars. Without the surgery, the cat will most likely die. Even if the problem can be treated without surgery, the fix is temporary at best, and the owner can expect to have the cat in the veterinarian’s office again and again, for the same problem, at a cost of hundreds of dollars for each episode.

This is where pet insurance really comes in handy. Not only does pet insurance cover routine exams and care, but it will also pay a large percentage of procedures that must be performed due to illness or injuries. Believe it or not, pet insurance actually saves the lives of many animals, because without such insurance, the owners wouldn’t be able to afford the care, which leads to the animal being put down.

Pet insurance is quite affordable, and typically costs anywhere from $10 to $20 per month, depending on the type of animal you have and the age of the animal. Pet insurance can now be bought through independent companies and through many major insurance carriers as well.

The next time that you review or renew your own insurance, be sure to ask your insurance agent if pet insurance is available. When you insure your pet through the same agent or company where you have your own insurance, you are often offered discounts on the pet insurance, which is an added bonus.

You spend a lot of money on your Persian cat. It simply makes sense to go ahead and spend a few pennies more for health insurance for your Persian as well.